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Vladimir Kumashov

Vladimir Kumashov is an artist and the graphic artist; he was born in 1950 in Siberia. In 1970 he was graduated from the Minsk College of Arts.

Vladimir Kumashov lives and works in Murmansk since 1974. He is a participant of many regional, republican and foreign exhibitions. He has hold his personal exhibitions in Murmansk (Russia), in Oslo and Tromsoe (Norway).

His pictures are exhibited and kept in museums, galleries and private collections in Russia, Sweden, Norway, USA, Japan and other countries.

In his pictures Vladimir uses wise naivet of Russian folklore; in his pictures vivid imaginations add utmost expressiveness to the primitivism of his art. This is the way in which the Artist penetrates into the mysteries of everyday life, thus he sharpens ordinary events and creates his own world inside the city.


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