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Alexander Danilovski

1949 — was born in Khabarovsk region, the Far East
1966—1971 — student of Culture Institute named after N. Krupskaya, St. Perersburg (theater producer)
1970 — present — lives and works in Murmansk (he had been working 21 years in the Arts Fund of Russian Federartion).

Alexander Danilovski is an artists, poet, musician, photographer, hunter, fisherman and soul of every party. Alexander is unmarried now. All his works are marked with his individuality. Alexander wants to express through his creative work all-round love: love for life, woman, nature. His works are run through admiration, ecstasy and spirituality.

You are wholly made of golden leafage, Of pure platinum stems.
I pant with love
Which words failure to express.
My heart heavily aches.
Forgive me, but let me know
When will be the end.
My autumn paradise is rejoicing
In the cascade of festal fetters.

The unity between a Man and the Nature is the main subject of his many-sided work. His love to nature one san see through Alexander's paintings (he likes to paint in water-colors), photos and of course through his poetry.

I looked for her in mysterious worlds, But did not know her neither here nor there,
And if I don't find her,
I'll stop the Earth and go down.

Buoyancy, sincerity and fascination are the visiting cards of this painter.

At present Alexander is keen on hunting and fishing. He is ex-champion of Russia and Europe in sporting fishing. In the heart of the Kola peninsula, not far from Finnish boundary, he has got hunting home and he invites everyone who loves nature, hunting and fishing to come to see it.


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