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Roman Balashov

1975 — was born in Murmansk
1993—1995 — Pedagogical College, student of the Art and Graphics Department, Murmansk
1996—2001 — State Pedagogical Institute named after Gertsen, student of the Art Department, St. Petersburg

Participation in art exhibitions

1997 — exhibition of young artists, Murmansk
1998 — regional art exhibition, personal exhibition, Murmansk
1999 — exhibition of young artists art & personal exhibition
2000 — regional art exhibition, Murmansk
2001 — regional art exhibition, personal exhibition, Murmansk; art exhibition in "Lince Club", Oslo, Norway; art exhibition in "Cristian Gallery", Bergen, Norway; exhibition of young artists, personal exhibition, Murmansk

Roman Balashov is a young graphic artist. He received classic education in St. Petersburg. In his works, he uses techniques such as tempera, water-color, mixed technique and oils. His paintings are remarkable for great fantasy, fine composition and variety of subject. Roman enjoys experiments, so he explores new forms of self-expression and uses competently conditional characters and generalized graphic elements to attain the depth of his conception.

Different subjects of graphic compositions are combined into his series. His series "Mythology", is considered to be very interesting. His extraordinary and independent approach to this famous subject shows that Roman is an artists with an original vision of the world.

Roman began to study ethnographic materials, therein describing the life of the indigenous nationalities of the North. He has created works which will be combined in a large series dedicated to the indigenous people of the North.

The noted Russian artist Nikolay Morozov, was a wise teacher and tutor to Roman Balashov. Morozov, with his professional view, found Roman extremely gifted and considered him to be very original. Numerous water-color paintings recently done by Roman justify the hopes of the great Morozov.


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